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Lake Street Consulting specialise in weather, and energy markets

“Any forecast needs an associated estimate of uncertainty in order to be useful.”


Helping you work with the weather

We translate weather data into information pertinent to your business decisions, enabling you to enhance profits, cut costs and/or hedge your company’s weather risk. Many businesses – from construction to ice cream – have weather dependent decisions to make. While we can’t change the weather, we can help you work with the weather. We combine our meteorological knowledge, awareness of forecast limitations, and end user experience to bridge the gap between forecasts and decision making.

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Energy Markets:

Enhance your project with our expertise

Our experience spans trading and portfolio management, consultancy, M&A, and market analytics. Gas and power markets – including renewables – and coal are the energies we focus on. From conception through to execution, if you need help with strategy, evaluation of an asset’s financial outlook, or trade ideas we will assess how we can enhance your project with our expertise.

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Making weather dependent decisions


Enhance your project with our expertise

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