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Energy Markets

Enhance your project with our expertise

Lake Street Consulting has over 12 years’ experience in the energy sector, ranging from trading to consulting in sector and from a single wind turbine to global coal in scale.

Gas and power markets – including renewables – and coal are the energies we focus on.

  • a rigorous understanding of the supply/demand balance,
  • an awareness of the evolution of markets in time, and
  • the interaction between these.

With these points in mind, the projects we have looked at vary tremendously and include: optimising gas storage profitability, comparing potential sites for wind farms, the impact of renewable generation growth on peak/off-peak power price spreads, likely Q1 power price moves in Nordpool given rainfall forecasts, impacts of Fukoshima on LNG pricing.

Whether you need a specialist consultant for a larger project, or expert knowledge for a stand-alone project, contact us. We will evaluate how we can enhance your project with our expertise.


For operational forecasting cover for energy traders, see our weather section