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Helping you work with the weather

Bespoke solutions for businesses

What weather impacts your business? Likely you can tell us in words. Our job is to translate weather data into the information you need.

  • establish what the relevant meteorological variables are
  • assess available forecasts and the limitations of their accuracy
  • tailor the forecast for your location
  • deliver information in a format meaningful to you
  • present options available to limit your financial exposure to weather
  • make better informed decisions
  • enjoy increased profits and/or decreased costs.

Examples of businesses that can benefit are extensive. To name a few: airlines, construction companies, farmers, hoteliers, ice-cream producers, insurance companies, rail operators, sports organisers, supermarkets and vineyards.

If weather impacts your business, contact us to help you work with the weather.


Working with the weather to minimise disruptions

Working with the weather to minimise disruptions

Operational weather forecasting

The variables studied and forecast model resolution viewed will vary depending on who the forecast is for; the underlying questions remain the same:

  • what is the current forecast?
  • what changes do we expect in the next forecast?
  • what do we expect the reality (the actual weather) to be?

Working to tight timelines, clear communication and pressured situations are the norm after our 9 years’ operational forecasting for commodity traders. Exceptional attention to detail is the key to our success.

  • GFS, ECMWF, GEM, UKMO and limited area models
  • deterministic and ensemble (probabilistic) runs
  • day ahead through to seasonal forecasts
  • model errors, biases and the limitations of the forecasts for certain atmospheric patterns
  • forecasting for a specific site, through countrywide forecasts to northern hemispheric outlooks
  • forecasts for coupled areas eg Australian cities, coal producing regions
  • setting parameters to run LAM, and writing code to extract information from forecasts
  • leading edge research and its implications

Whether you need operational forecasting cover on-site while your meteorologist is on holiday, or remote cover for a one off project, we will arrive cognisant of the current atmospheric patterns and fulfil your forecasting needs.